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Important elements in the growth of AsZ® as a reliable supplier for everything related to the engine internal combustion, were realized by acquiring specialized companies for Engine Parts products. The technologies and expertise incorporated from all partners now form the core of AsZ current product line. This was continually enhanced through additional acquisitions and Joint Ventures.

AsZ supplier is continually and consistently consolidating its position as a system supplier for Engine Parts for all types and sizes of combustion engines. The product range extends from valve train components, Liner Kits, Crankshafts and Bearings through to complete cylinder head assemblies.

Overcoming extreme mechanical, thermal, and chemical loads represents the primary objective in the development of these components and systems. AsZ supplier rises to these challenges with outstanding expertise in the fields of design, calculation, materials technology, and process development. This extensive system competence and broad-based production experience is continually being extended further.

  • Pistons

  • Liners

  • Valves 

  • Camshafts

  • Connecting Rods

  • Blocks

  • Piston Rings

  • Liner Seals

  • Cylinder Heads

  • Engine Bearings

  • In frame Kits

  • Piston Pins

  • Crankshafts 

  • Liner Kits

  • Engine Gaskets

  • Chambers

  • Manifolds

  • Flywheels

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