We offer full product lines to accommodate the wide variety of fluid power applications. With modern number-control equipment, high technology, advanced management and perfect quality control system, AsZ® provides the first-class hydraulics products for customers. Each Hydraulic part is individually tested to ensure the performance is at their optimum volumetric efficiency, most effective levels and continue to be your best solution.

  • Hydraulic Cartridges

  • Hoses & Couplings

  • Hydraulic Barrels & Pistons

  • Hydraulic Pumps

  • Hydraulic Gears

  • Hydraulic Valves

  • Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Hydraulic Seals

  • Hydraulic Motors

  • Hydraulic Pumps

  • Oil Pumps

  • And More...

The Names, Picture & Logos of the OEM's are for reference purposes only.