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PES® is a proud distributor of Phillips Gasket® products. Established in 1963, Phillips Gasket® is widely regarded as a pioneer in the automotive and heavy-duty industry for replacement gaskets and seals. Supported by decades of technical expertise and continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology, all gaskets and seals are manufactured to meet or exceed the current OEM specifications. Each Cylinder Head gasket is made of Graphite surface material and reinforced with perforated steel. All other gaskets are made of non-asbestos materials which can range from paper to cork to silicone, as required. All seals are made from a wide array of materials; such as PTFE, urethane, fluorocarbon, nitrile, iron, etc. With on-site Quality Control and backed by a two-year warranty, you can be assured that Phillips Gasket® is your choice for quality, service, and savings.

  • Oil Rings

  • Wear Rings

  • Metal face Seals

  • Oil Seals

  • Buffer Seals

  • Crankshaft Seals

  • Camshaft Seals

  • Hydraulic Seals

  • Back-up Seals

  • Cork Gaskets

  • metal Gaskets

  • Paper Gaskets

  • Rubber Gaskets

  • Shims

  • Engine Gaskets

  • Gasket Kits for all Systems

  • And More...

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